Diskoirää is band which started on December 2006 in Zarautz. We wanted to start a band to play old hardcore while we were talking about punk after a concert, really strange thing.

We started playing Mob 47 and Kaaos covers and our first songs.

We play dirty fast hardcore punk, not complicated, that you will be able to listen on this web in our first ep songs. You can download them and put your mp3 player in your ass while it`s playing diskoirää (we recommend it to you).

In our lyrics (“letrak”) that you can read, we speak about problems of our daily live, although we know we are not going to save the world, but that doesn’t make us pesimistic.

Finally, we have to say that playing music is not only for virtuous people, and making lyrics is not only for poets. So we encourage you to make a band, or if you don´t want to play music you have at housand of ways to explain your ideas. Do it yourself! Alaken dis punk!

December 2nd 2009: now, two years alter we wrote what you have just read now we still continue active!!! After Orly practicing 3 months of practicing and playing through the Spanish state (Zaragoza, Oviedo, Mallorca…) and Basque Country (San Sebastian, Llodio, Bilbao…) we recorded 11 very simple songs for our first ep/tape “play eta record” that we edited for our first European tour in april 2008. On this tour we placed 11 gigs in 11 days around France, Switzerland, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

In december 2008 we recorded 12 more and much better songs and we took 6 of them for an ep splits with our friends from another band from Zarautz called METRALLETA for our second European tour in march 2009 (17 days-17 gigs). Now we are booking gigs for a tour around North Italy, Balkans, Hungary, Chezch Rep., p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }a:link { }Austria and maybe Romania. If you want to hear our dirty songs live, maybe we can play in your town. All we need (and its a lot!!!) is some vegan food and a place to sleep. This is our tour plan on december 2nd 2009 after one day sending emails so its just Orly an idea:

This is our tour 100% confirmate (24/02/10):

March ’10

26 GIRONA!! Catalunya
27 MARSEILLE!!!! France
28 MILANO!!! Italy
29 KRANJ!!! Slovenia
30 LJUBLIANA!! Slovenia
31 RIJEKA!!!!! Croatia

April ’10

1 ZAGREB!!!! Croatia
2 AJKA!!!! Hungary
3 BUDAPEST!!! Hungary
5 ORLOVA!!! Chezch Rep.
6 WIEN!!! Austria
7 GRAZ!!! Austria
8 WINTERTHUR!!!! Switzerland
9 KONSTANZ!!! Germany
10 TOULOUSE!!!! France

October 29th 2010:

After less than a year we are back with another update before this monster called DISKOIRAA destroys our life. We disconnect every summer from our musical routine but when winter is back…the monster wakes up!!!!

We are going to edit some new material: a split tape/cd with all our material plus 5 unreleased tracks benefit for some Chilenian political prisoners (http://www.hommodolars.org/web/spip.php?article3395) with ANARCOLEPSIA from Venezuela on Cabeza de Vaca records (Venezuela) and another label from Mexico.

Also we are going in few days to play our dirty and not so coordinated songs to some beautiful cities from Iberia: Gijon, Leon, Porto (Portugal), Salamanca and Toledo.

Finally our most crazy project: we are planning the first Basque invasion to Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Philippines) so if you are reading this and you live in those countries…look in to an alternative plan because maybe you would like to suffer with our dirty liveconcery in august 2011!!!! Finally if this dream becomes reality we can die much more calmly!!!! Thesebeautiful guys (www.myspace.com/iheart7x0x7) are helping us so if you want to see us playing some thrash punk songs , speak with us, drink with us…contact us or them because we would love to know you…take care!!!!!

Febreary 1st 2011: Incredible!!! The second update of this ugly web in only five months…i think that we have too much free time since the famous economic crisis arrived to Basque Country. These are some things that we are working on:

  1. The split tape/cd with ANARCOLEPSIA (Venezuela) on Cabeza de Vaca records benefit for Chilenian prisoners (http://www.hommodolars.org/web/spip.php?article3395) is going to be available only in a few weeks. We still dont know exactly the design of this new material but were sure that is going to be really special…aarrgghh!!! Long live tapes!!!! Freedom for Chilenian political prisoners!!!

  2. We are working together with http://www.myspace.com/noiseinfectionmusick from Ohio (Usa) for another tape with all our discography (2 vinils + five unreleased old tracks). We hope that we will have some copies for our Southeast asia tour in september-october 2011…we will try our best for that!!!!

  3. Finally its 100% sure that we are going to destroy again our songs in another quite crazy tour. This time we are going to be again on the road ín Thailand, Malaysia, Singapur, Indonesia and Phillipines from september 1st to october 3rd. We are really thrilled with this tour!!!!

  4. We are going to play some gigs in the Basque Country during the next weeks: Trintxerpe, Amurrio…

  5. Of course, we are organizing gigs in our squat in Zarautz. Over the next weeks DANCE OR DIE! (Hungary), DISKELMA (Finland), NOW YOU´RE FUCKED (Australia), ONANIZER (Chezch Rep.), THE BREED (Chezch Rep.), PARASYTIC (Usa), BLOODSEEHERS (Basque Country)…are going to play here

Coming out soon:

– spilt tape with ANARCOLEPSIA (Venezuela) on Cabeza de vaca records (Venezuela) with all our discography included 5 unreleased tracks benefit for some Chilenian political prisoners (http://www.hommodolars.org/web/spip.php?article3395)

-DISKOIRAA’s discography incluided 5 unreleased tracks on http://www.myspace.com/noiseinfectionmusick from Ohio (Usa) in tape format.

February 2nd 2012: we came back 4 months and a half ago from that long tour we
were going to do. Finally, we went to Southeast asia (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia,
Singapore and Phillipines). Unfortunately, the gig we were going to play in Bangkok
was cancelled so during we were there we were some other “normal” fucking western
tourist. This are the gigs we play…:

6th Sept / Tues – JAKARTA, INDONESIA
7th Sept / Wed – BEKASI, INDONESIA
8th Sept / Thrus – BANDUNG, INDONESIA
11th Sept / Sun – KLATEN, INDONESIA
12th Sept / Mon – SOLO, INDONESIA
13th Sept / Tues – SEMARANG, INDONESIA
15th Sept / Thrus – PATI, INDONESIA
16th Sept / Fri – KUDUS, INDONESIA
17th Sept / Sat – KEDIRI, INDONESIA
18th Sept / Sun – MALANG, INDONESIA
20th Sept / Tues – PANDAAN, INDONESIA
22th Sept / Thrus – MEDAN, INDONESIA
24th Sept / Sat – BATU PAHAT, MALAYSIA
29th Sept / Thrus – MANILA, PHILLIPINES

Everything was amazing. Wild shows, infernal traffic jams, nice punks everywhere,
friendship, at least 12 bands per night, chiut, mosques, mosquitos, ultra-mega-super
spicy food … if you want contacts, !write us!

We are going to edit a Southeast Asia DVD full of interwievs with local punks, gigs,
bad jokes… Also, we have allready record enough songs for a new lp. We hope to have
all this new material before 2013. Uf, it would be great a DISKOIRAA´s lp + DVD!!!!

Finally, is available our new split tape with A//NARCOLEPSIA from Venezuela.
More info: http://anarcopunknoticias.blogspot.com/2011/06/nueva-edicion-

Take care!!!


*Hi!! As you will see some of our words are in Spanish and some other in Basque.
We have tried to translate them to English but translating songs written in Basque
to English it`s very very difficult. We have thought that the best choice is explaining
them one by one. We hope you can understand something because as you can see our English isn’t very good:

Fortunately we have a very big squat in our little town.
It’s working since October 2005.
We decided from the beginning to put on a little free radio in a room in the squat.
This radio is called arraio.
At the moment we have more that 17 programs about all kind of subjects, sports, ecology, literature, politics, extreme music… and we arrive with our little aerial to all the houses of our town.
Be sure that we are going to continue working in this project because we think free radios are a very good way for questioning power.
You can hear it also by internet: www.arraio.net

Of course we like some kind of music more than others.
This song isn’t about if regeeton music sounds well or bad.
It’s a hard critic and a questioning about the sexist lyrics that allways regeton songs are about.

Some members of diskoiraa still love tapes.
We still record old vinils at home in 90 minutes tapes.
I know that it’s sound nostalgic but we really think that analogic sound is much better that digital sound and also is much practice and ecologic.
But we are very angry because they have put for sell in the big supermarket of our town mp’3 in the place where they were tapes; so know we have to go to a fucking big supermarket 20 kilometers away from our town to steal tdk or sony virgin tapes.
Long live tapes!!!

Yes, this one it’s another lyric about the old style for doing things in the do it yourself scene.
We still prefer organizing shows, playing music… between friends and in this song we have used the example of what a young punk needs for enjoying an afternoon doing a poster for a show that he is organizing: one or two friends, some scissors, some old newspapers or magazines, glue and a old tapes of crucifix, morser, los crudos or disrupt.

Eroski is the name of a big supermarket chain on our area.
We really hate this kind of places.
They are killing the life in the streets of our town because a lot of little shops have close since one of this supermarket was opened in our town.
Also we know that more shops are going to close because it’s impossible keeping on their business.
So we decided to do one song telling young punks how they can steal vegan food, books, microphones and all kind of things that they need using secure methods without any risk like we usually do.

In this song we narrate the personal history of one punk of our town.
One sunny day he went out with glue and some posters litening to music on his walkman.
But while he was putting the first posters the batteries of his walkman stopped.
So he threw them to the rubbish.
We think that it is very good and really neccesary speak about revolution, against capitalism, about solidarity with our prisoners…but it’s better if you start with little changes like using rechargeable batteries if you want to listen to music on your walkman.
In that way you will not throw any more dirty batteries to the rubbish.

This song it’s about the people that it’s all day saying that all goes fucking bad but they don’t even move a finger.
We know that we can’t do great changes but we try seeing the positive part thinking that doing little changes we can enjoy more our live and the live of other people that surround us.


some members of DISKOIRAA are very tired of breathing the cigarettes/joints shitty smoke.
In the Basque Country it´s still possible to smoke in a lot of places: pubs, restaurants…
and we would be happy if it´s finally banned. It´s very sad and strange for me to say this.
I still believe in people´s awareness but in this so important subject I have lost it.
But the saddest thing is seeing everyday how in theorically free and socially conscious places
like squats,gaztetxes,social centers… no fucking smoker takes care about the non-smoking companions
that surround him/her. Fuck them! There are thousand of ways for using drugs without bothering the rest of the people.


The most important thing about sex is to enjoy doing it as equals.
We are sure about that and we want to say that there are a lot of ways to enjoying it without penetration.
But if you want to practice it, please, don´t do it without taking the neccesary precautions. Be happy!

*For finishing… as you have seen with this band we are not doing lyrics like we have done on the past with other bands we have played in about revolution, capitalism, technology because at the moment we think that punk can’t change big things.
At least, let us feel happy thinking one of you decides for example, to steal some rechargeable batteries in a supermarket.
Thank you.