Metralleta English

Metralleta started in 2001 in Zarautz (Basque Country), when the guys from “100 Hongos” decided to change instruments and a new guy called Tximas joined the band as a bassplayer. They started creating new songs due to the lack of motivation with 100 Hongos. After some time of practising they did their first gig in 2003, in the farm of Erdoizta, so they continued playing in many social centers around Basque Country and Spain.

In November 2004 they self-released their first record, a split CD with Txixaparrazta, and in 2005 their second record, another split CD, this time with Zülo. After this, the two bands made a ten-day European tour. In 2006 Jonpi and Beizama left the band and Izotz and Abuelo from Zülo joined it.

In 2007 a new album was recorded, a 10inch vynil, split with Kobory, which was released in 2008. In May 2009 another split album was released, a single with Diskoirää, where there are some songs of the 2007 recording. In June, Tximas left the band because of work issues, so the band continued but with four members.

In 2011 a new album has been recorded, which is suposed to be released as an 12inch LP in 2012. In October Krixpin joined the band as the new bassplayer. Nowadays Tximas is in the jail of Castellon, suffering the cruel policy applied to political prisoners by the spanish government.